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This memorial website was created in the memory of our loved one Matthew Smith who was born in North Carolina on 06 July 1986 and passed away on 27 June 2010 at the age of 23. We will remember him forever.
Tributes and Condolences
Thinking of you   / Jill Williams (Aunt)
When I woke up this morning there were three people on my mind. You, granddaddy and nan. Missing you all terribly. I know you and granddaddy were rejoicing when she came to heaven on December 13th. Just thought you should know how much you all are lo...  Continue >>
anniversary  / Duane Vestal (uncle)
Matt just wanted to say I love and miss you. It is tough not having you around and one day we will see each other again. Your sons are growing and Jake looks just like you. I hope he turns out to be the man that you are. Tell Jesus my uncles i said h...  Continue >>
My Name Is Written There There's another name in the Lambs's Book of Life For you see it's our first born grandson Whose so precious in Jesus sight His name is Matthew Whom God Loves so He reached down and saved him not to long ago In your precious w...  Continue >>
Thank you   / DeLane Faber (Mother)
Matthew i am blessed beyond any words to be your Mother! Thankful God gave you to first son! We are apart for now however i will be with you again for eternity. Until then light up the sky! Being with our Heavenly Father has to be awesome!!!...  Continue >>
Thinking of you   / Laurie Leiting (Freind)
Matthew you will always be in my heart. It has been a hard year after you left us. I have alot of memorys of you when you were young with my boys in NC. I did not get to see you grow up. I got to see photos of you as you grown up. Thank you for servi...  Continue >>
To the parents of Matt: Thank you Daniel!  / DeLane Faber (Mother)    Read >>
Thinking of you  / Vivian (spouse)    Read >>
i just dont understand......  / Maddison (lil sister )    Read >>
The good things  / Lauren Bartleson (Friend of spouse )    Read >>
Today / Duane Vestal (Uncle Bubba )    Read >>
A Hard day  / Amanda Smith (Cusion)    Read >>
Sorry / Fred     Read >>
Happy Birthday  / Laurie Leiting (Friend)    Read >>
Birthday / Teresa Masters     Read >>
Forever loved  / Laurie Leiting (Friend of the family )    Read >>
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A Proud Marine.... Semper Fi "Always Faithful"
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